Ray Keating

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The policy agenda being pushed by Congress and President Obama's administration is not going to be an economic plus. Ray Keating explains. » More
How do things look for free trade? Ray Keating offers some hope in President-elect Barack Obama's Administration regarding small businesses and free trade. » More
Ray Keating informs you of the energy outlook from the Energy Information Administration, and he offers insight on what is needed to improve the economic situation. » More
Ray Keating gives small business the skinny on what might happen with President-elect Barack Obama in the Oval Office. He touches on economic stimulus, taxes, bailouts, trade, energy, and health care. » More
A look at a special report from <i>Governing</i> magazine regarding growth and taxes. » More
Ray Keating provides the details of what is happening regarding trade, jobs, and NAFTA. » More
Here are the pros of the Federal Trade Commission report released late June of 2007 according to Ray Keating. » More
Agitators for net neutrality argue that all Internet traffic should be treated equally, including in terms of costs, all Internet traffic is not created equally. Ray Keating gives the details. » More
Technological advancements have made competition possible but politicians have a difficult time keeping up. » More
The laws need to be changed and improved. » More