Ray Keating

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The economy has been on a ride for several years now. What part does Obama's White House play in this? » More
In order to get the economy and employment growing, costs and uncertainties created by government must be wiped away. Ray Keating explains what the new GDP numbers really mean for small businesses. » More
With President Barack Obama's speech after the November 2nd elections, it is clear he has no plan to backtrack from his agenda, according to Ray Keating. » More
Voters will not just be choosing which party controls Congress, governor seats and state legislatures on November 2, but also on issues presented as ballot measures that directly impact small busin... » More
Taxpayers, including small business owners and investors, are wondering what exactly is going to happen on the tax front. Ray Keating provides the details. » More
The White House and Democratic leaders in Congress are intent on imposing a major tax increase at the end of this year. Ray Keating shares some other acts that could help. » More
The new health care law offers a lot for everyone to worry about. Consumers need to be concerned about the accelerating costs that come with more government regulations, mandates and spending in he... » More
The U.S. relies on entrepreneurship and small business to drive our economy and job creation forward. If President Obama's tax agenda is made law, it will serve as additional governmental drags on ... » More
Politicians should be focused on the well being of taxpayers and their state's competitiveness and economy. Ray Keating gives the details. » More
For the benefit of workers, the Secret Ballot Protection Act deserves to be passed. To protect workers, small business and our economy, the Employee Free Choice Act must be defeated. » More