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Jim Blasingame
In the 20th century, sellers controlled information about their products, services, and innovations. But in the 21st century Age of the Customer, your customers not only have access to the informat... » More
Jim Blasingame
The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to redefining the value proposition by accelerating e-commerce expectations by five years. Is your business ready for the new Moment of Relevance? » More
Jim Blasingame
Building online customer communities is how a small business transcends being competitive and achieves relevance. In a world where everything is a commodity, value is the threshold of a customer co... » More
Jim Blasingame
Small business advocate, Jim Blasingame, talks three critical disciplines to help entrepreneurs prepare for the 21st century. » More
Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame offers tips to help your small business compete with both Big Box and online competitors. » More
Zain  Raj
Believe me when I say that I’m not afraid of change. I appreciate the value of trying new things maybe more than the next guy. But I’ve found that one of the best ways to keep from falling off a cl... » More
Diane DiResta
Have you done your first Periscope Presentation? It’s a free live stream service you can access on your smart phone or tablet. » More
Ellen Rohr
Branding 101 – What I Learned from the Most Interesting Man in the World! » More
Rick Mathieson
Turns out all the crazy rumors were true: Social media marketing is more than just Facebook, YouTube & Twitter these days. For all the buzz we’d hear over the years about how this or that social... » More
Brad Huisken
The first encounter that a potential customer has with a company begins to forge the entire series of interactions with that buyer. In today's world, the first impression that a client receives li... » More