The Right Tool(s) For The Job

Terri Lonier

The other morning I opened a drawer in my kitchen and the knob wiggled. Now, this generally isn't a big deal, except that our kitchen is only about 15 months old, part of a new home that my husband designed for us and we built in 2002. It's a lovely space, and everything still has that almost-brand-new feel to it.

So I stopped what I was doing and said to myself, "OK, let's fix this. It will only take a moment."

By now you're probably chuckling, knowing what's to come. A full 15 minutes of dragging out the toolbox and hunting through the collection of screwdrivers. Flat- or phillips-head. Long-handled or short. Spindly or hefty. Suddenly I was thinking, "This is crazy. It's just a little wiggle."

But way at the back of the box, there it was. A short stubby screwdriver, one that's rarely used. It came with a set from Sears, and I recall thinking the day I got it, "I'll never use this one, but it's part of the group, so toss it in the toolbox." But on this day, it was the perfect tool. Small enough to fit in the tight space. Short shaft that made it easy to get leverage. With the right tool in hand, it really was a quick fix. In fact, I made a tour of all the other drawer and cupboard handles and tightened up a few more.

Later, looking back on the simple pleasure of doing a job with the right tool, I mused on the tools we need in our solo businesses. I'm not talking only about computers or printers or other tech tools. Yes, those are important. But what about other tools that you may need? Think about professional guidance, in the form of attorneys, accountants, or other financial specialists. Marketing experts, designers, and Web wizards. Business advisors or coaches. Colleagues who serve as peer advisors. Then there's your extended personal support team, which may include individuals such as health care professionals, your auto mechanic, and some may even include a hair stylist or yoga instructor.

Just as using the proper hardware tool can make all the difference, selecting the right people to support your solo business can have a big impact on you and your company. It's worth taking time to find them. With the right tool, a chore can bring pleasure; with a well-chosen support team, a solo business can thrive.

Until next time, may you enjoy the process of refining the toolkit. for your solo business.

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