Are humans going to get help sorting out our problems?

Jim Blasingame

Last week, we asked this question in our online poll: “Are you concerned about the increasing global instability these days?” We offered the following options, with your response percentages at the end of each:

  • No. These things ebb and flow – we’ll get through this. 8%
  • Yes. Because Middle East politics has now been exported to neighborhoods around the world. 23%
  • Yes. The Biden administration has weakened America's standing and funded terrorists. 62%
  • No. We’re in the hands of a higher power with a greater plan. 7%

I envy our first group of responders. I wish I could be that philosophical about how things are going around the world.

Of course, we have to aggregate the 85% in the middle of our sample who allowed they’re very concerned. Being part of this cohort, at this point, I’ve moved from thinking about any one or the other areas of danger and base my increasing concerns on just doing math:

  • Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine
  • Hamas’s unprovoked murder of over 1,000 innocent Israeli citizens, including babies and Americans
  • Iran allowed access to $Billions of oil money and using it to export terrorism
  • Iran’s increasing military/terrorist aggression through numerous proxies
  • Iran’s blatant threats directed at the U.S.
  • China becoming more emboldened, increasing jeopardy for Taiwan
  • Essentially an open southern U.S. border, allowing record numbers of illegals inside the U.S.
  • Thousand of those illegals are military-age males who can only be categorized as enemy infiltrators
  • Rising global antisemitism, including in the U.S., giving license to Iran and their ilk
  • Increasingly dangerous anti-west rhetoric from U.N. leadership

Add it up. That’s at least ten dangerously stupid things that WERE NOT planet Earth’s reality prior to January 20, 2021. What’s wrong with this picture?

Now, regarding our smallest group at the bottom – the 7%. In addition to my aggregation of world affairs above, society running off the rails with such things as the following list is enough to give pause to all people of faith who know their prophecies:

  • Humans denying natural laws
  • Promoting and facilitating transgenderism for small children – like 3rd-graders
  • Killing late-term, viable babies and calling it an abortion
  • Selling parts of those babies for research.
  • (Your disturbing example here)

Today, billions of good people around the world are hopeful that humanity will sort out and correct our upside-down existence. You know. The way humans think about solutions. Indeed, you don’t have to be religious to be against blatant disregard for the laws of nature and humanity. But if you are a person of faith and have studied the prophecies, like our 7% apparently are, you’re aware that at some point all of the “sorting out” will be taken out of the hands of humans. And to them, whether is not the question. The question is, when? And it won’t matter if that answer results from an event, or just doing the math.

Write this on a rock … We have been warned.

Jim Blasingame is the author of The 3rd Ingredient, the Journey of Analog Ethics into the World of Digital Fear and Greed.

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